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Parede de concreto


Design by: Aveline Magazino


Our home reflects who we are.  We strive to honor that very personal identity through our residential design process by uniting personal and functional needs with the various aesthetic preferences of our customers


Full Service  Interior Design

  • Measurements in loco and Existent conditions analysis. 

  • Spatial organization (Floorplan).

  • 3D modeling and rendering imagens. 

  • Material specifications (finish, furniture, and fixtures). 

  • HVAC, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical points for execution and applications for permits. 

  • Technical drawings with all information to execute the design approved, including cabinets, countertops, sinks, faucets, shelves, doors, wall covering, accessories and all the proposed idea

Procurement And Contractor Work Coordination

  • Quoting with multiple vendors and contractors. 

  • Budget list with all material and service included. 

  • Sample and drawings requests for approval (as needed). 

  • Logistics coordination - delivery work management

  • Material installation and renovation conclusion check over

In-person consultation 

  • This is the perfect option for you that have some doubt and would like to get some advice and talk a little about some option. The rate is by hour

On-line consultation 

  • Not available to meet in person? No problem, we also operate completely virtually! 

    Book a virtual consultation to ask Aveline any questions and tap into her expertise. Have her undivided attention as she guides you through the decisions needed to elevate your space and avoid costly mistakes.  

full service interor design
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  • If you have the idea exactly what you want, I can just put it together and make a rendering for you. This is a good option for small projects or isolated pieces or furniture. 

Technical Drawings for permit application in the city 

  • Floorplan, electrical, plumbing, fixtures, celling and mechanical. We do all plans for you apply for permits. 

technical drawings


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