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Each project is unique. We determine the timeline based on the scope of your project


We stick to your budget and help you make smart design decisions — where to spend and where to save. 

Our design fee is transparent. It is calculated based on the square footage of the project and the furnishings budget. Budget for oversight of custom builds is handled separately. 


Everything starts with a lifestyle diagnostic. After the initial consultation, we’ll discuss the scope of your project and nail down what services you need to get the space of your dreams. 

We take the time to get to know you —  your desires, your lifestyle, what currently works and what doesn’t — all so we can create the best space possible for you. 

Our process is customized for you. We provide an online client portal that houses everything related to your project —  including access to 3-D renderings, concept designs, a full product list with price breakdowns, and more. So you can invest with confidence. 

Casa moderna
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